Rules page:

  • No kicking for any reason unless there's is a good reason
  • Be good to other user when they come on
  • No cussing
  • No porno or it's a banned for a year
  • Abusing mod Rights is a 3days kick  and blocked
  • No kicking all the time when some one comes on That is all so called Abusing and it get's Annoying
  • Anime porno well not be allowed or any kind of porno
  • No yaoi No Yuri No hentai
  • No Abusing other users
  • No asking for Mod rights or Admin rights
  • Talk  or get off (New rule)
  • No trolling other user (New rule)
  • No trolling  (New rule)
  • 1 Edit or more to be on a chat Profile thuse not count (New rule)
  • No mod rights unless your going to Edit or Admin Rights (New rule)
  • Telling people to get of for any reson is an kick (New rule)
  • blocked the words when you cuss like For if some one says the F word and it's not blocked it is an kick (new rule)

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